Amanda Mizuno - jewelry artist

About ZS Jewelry

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Creating unique, handcrafted jewelry

You might think I'm a bit strange, going from studying astronomy and astrophysics in college to creating and selling jewelry, but working with such a wide variety of materials is both mentally stimulating as well as technically challenging, both things that keep me returning to jewelry crafting. I love adding technically challenging materials (e.g. titanium) to my arsenal, because not only can you do amazing things with these kinds of materials, but it also requires practice and skill. I truly enjoy learning and mastering new techniques.

Why jewelry? Well, I just love pretty things that I can wear! Jewelry presents an interesting challenge in itself, too. Size matters. Details matter. Materials with unique properties make things interesting. These things sometimes make an otherwise simple design idea far more challenging to create.

I love metalsmithing, working with metal clays, polymer clays, and well... any type of clay, really. Chainmaille is another favorite technique. I've also been working to add 3D printing and resin to my designs and skill set.

I live in northern California in the United States. I was born and raised on the east coast of the United States, but moved west when I was still relatively young. I work out of my home, which I share with my husband and our dog. I make and sell my creations because it is something I enjoy doing. I also truly enjoy working with my customers to create totally unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry just for them. Happy customers are the greatest reward!