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October 16, 2021

Welcome to the new ZSJewelry

Thank you for visiting my website! If you've come here from my Etsy shop, I thank you for your willingness to follow me across the WWW. As of 10/16/2021, my Etsy shop is set to "vacation mode". I do not know when or if I will re-open my shop there. I do plan to set this website up to handle requests to purchase items that I have already created, as well as custom item requests. Those features are in the works at this time, but they are not ready just yet. I am, after all, an ex-web developer returning to coding for the first time in a very long time. There is a lot to catch up on!

Need to get in touch?

If you need to contact me about a previous order, please use the messages feature on Etsy. I am still working on a new contact form for this website, and I hope to have one ready soon. My shop may be on a break on Etsy, but I can and still will communicate with you there regarding any Etsy orders. If you prefer to use email, send me a message on Etsy with your email address, and I'll get in touch that way.

What's in store for the future?

Eventually, I plan to have some of my already-created items showcased on this website with links for you to request to purchase them. Because I'm very paranoid about everyone's data safety, I do not plan to build a full web store experience here, but you'll be able to shop some items and request custom work, as well. If you need (or just want) to talk to me about custom work sooner, please feel free to reach out via Etsy, but note that I cannot discuss non-Etsy sales there (just drop me a line asking me to email you and provide your email address). If you are a previous customer, you have my Etsy-registered email address on your order - feel free to contact me that way. I hope to not need to use this kind of arrangement for very long!