F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s
Is it possible to purchase items in the design gallery? Yes. All pieces featured in the design gallery are or have been in my Etsy shop. If the one you want isn't in my shop, please contact me about duplicating it!

Will you customize items in your shop? Yes. I gladly will customize almost anything that I create! Just contact me about what you would like. Please be aware that I will not knowingly copy someone else's design, especially something very unique. If you want someone else's design, you should contact that person directly.

What metals do you work with? Just about everything. For more information on the metals I use, please visit the Metals and Alloys page on my blog here.

Will you make *insert design name here* in 14k gold? Yes, probably. Solid gold pieces are expensive, so please be prepared for some level of sticker shock when inquiring. Most inquiries about solid gold end with orders for gold-filled versions ^_~.

Who are your suppliers? I use a variety of suppliers -- each is particularly good (price or quality or sometimes both) for different things. If you are interested in knowing the country of origin of some of my supplies, please ask about specific items. I now try to record the country of origin for all of my metals, gemstones, and other materials if possible.

May I request a completely unique, custom item from you? Yes! I gladly do totally custom designs on request. Please contact me and be as specific as possible about what you want.

I have a problem with something I bought from you. What will you do? I'm so sorry! Please contact me about repair or returns if you are unhappy with your purchase! For items that need re-sizing, I often will re-side items at no extra cost to you (except the cost of return shipping to me, of course). For other issues, please contact me, so that we can work out whatever arrangement works best for you.

Do you repair chainmaille created by others? Sure! If the design is within my skill set & I have the proper materials, I will gladly repair someone else's work. This will be at some cost to you, so please contact me for details.

Have a question that isn't on this list? Please use any of the contact links on this web site or convo me directly from my Etsy shop.