ZS is short for "zerospace", the online handle I've used for years, and while many of my friends call me "Z", my first name is Amanda.

I started out learning how to make necklaces with tiny glass seed beads when I was a little girl. I moved on to other kinds of beads and other types of jewelry-making, and often just enjoyed sifting through supply catalogs, dreaming of what I could make with each item.

But, for as much as I loved jewelry & creating things, I also loved math, science, and computers -- and so by the time I reached high school, jewelry was mostly a forgotten hobby. All through high school and college, computers were my hobby -- I'm also a web developer and designer today, and often work on both jewelry design projects and web projects simultaneously.

After a long stint of neglecting my love for jewelry, instead focusing on applying my creativity to computer designs (e.g. I would "modify" a computer case much like some people work on cars or motorcycles), I finally got back to making jewelry in late 2006, but this time, I had a new focus. Beads took a back seat or perhaps a co-starring role alongside my new found love: chainmaille. A short while later, I took a class on fusing glass and began adding that to the mix. And after lots of prodding from friends and family, I went from being registered on Etsy (since 2008) to finally opening my shop sometime in 2010.

I now work in many mediums -- metal clay, polymer clay (any kind of clay, really -- I also throw pottery), chainmaille, beading, traditional pearl knotting, glass fusing, metalworking, etc. My desk is a myriad of supplies and tools, that I'm constantly re-organizing to make space for new tools. In a nutshell: I love creating wearable or useable art!